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Venomous Love

Their Love is Like a Poison - Get Infected

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A Community Dedicated to the Slash Pairing of Randy Orton & Evan Bourne

Welcome to Venomous Love a community for the fictional slash pairing of WWE Superstars Randy Orton and Evan Bourne. While this community is primary dedicated to the slash pair I welcome all fans of these two superstars to join as there will picture posts, video posts and discussion about the two that will not soley be slash based.

I decided to create this community after posting a fic request thread in my personal journal offering to write fanfics for requesters. I was overwhelm by the amount of requests I got for Randy X Evan fics and then start to think they need a community to support them.

We welcome all types of posts here so long as they are based on either Randy or Evan, for more information on what I mean by posts based on Randy and Evan please read the rules section. Don't worry they're more like guidelines that rules I have no intention on running a super strict community. So wanna join? Then click here!

All Posts must be either pertaining to either Evan Bourne or Randy Orton. What this means is if you have a fic/news item/video/picture one of them must be in it. In regards to fics one of them must be a main character in the story, for example you may post fic containing Randy x Random person or Evan x Random person. Just so long as one of them are involved in the main story line.

You must join to post and membership is moderated for the time being

1. Have fun and be nice to all members. Its ok if you don't agree with something that is said but try to discuss it in a friendly manner. Or we might have to break out the sledge hammers.

2. When posting images large than 400 pixel or multiple images please put them behind a livejournal cut. To learn how to do an LJ cut go here.

3. If you are posting a news item that contains a spoiler please place it behind a cut.

4. When posting graphics and icons you may post a teaser image or 3 teaser icons but the place the rest under a cut.

5. We realize Evan as twitter. I will be keeping a eye on it and be making 1 daily post of everything he tweets so please don't rush in to post because he tweets. Thanks.

6. All fanfiction contain Evan and Randy is welcome please make sure you have it properly rated (click here for a rating guide) and proper warning label on your fic. Please post the main body of your fic under a cut. Please make all NC-17 fanfiction posts member locked. When posting try to use a format similar to this:

Pairing (since we allow other pairings besides Randy x Evan)
Warnings (if there are any):
Author's Note (if there are any):

7. Please no pimping your community without premission from a mod. We don't bite and will most likely say yes but please ask first.

8. Please tag your entries, if your not sure what tag to use please it untagged and a mod will tag i t for you. :)

If you have any questions on the rules or any general questions you may ask them here!

There will be a daily post in this community see below for what type of post happens on each day. If you would like to help with one of the daily activates or with posting digitals, results, news, twitter posts please click here to apply.

- Videos of the Week
- Body Part of the Week
- Raw Digitals
- Pictures of the Week
- Weekly Discussion
- Superstars Digitals (if required)
Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
- Weekend PicSpam

Have an idea for a new weekly active that you would like to run? Post here and will consider and let you know what day to run it on!

We will also me having monthly activities which will change from month to month and hopefully cater to different people with different talents. Examples of monthly activities are: Drabble Tree, Icon Contests, Fanfiction Writing Challenges/Contest, Picture Manipulation Contest, etc. Have a suggestion for a monthly activity? Post it here!

Maintainer: dreamscarred

Moderator(s):candy_belle | 616poisongirl

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